Ielts Toefl Pte

13 Nov, 2019 01:39:27 PM

It is a well-known fact that English is a global language and is used worldwide. There is less focus on a little known fact among Indians that English is widely also the language of the Science subject. And Gill Sir will have a wider look at this. One important fact is that English is the language of many scientific papers submitted across the world. 1 Most of the articles in science are submitted English according to the website of Harrow House. Today many of the professional courses are done with the basic knowledge of the English language. Another supporting fact is the constant growing importance of IELTS in most of the visa applications. In other words, English is becoming very important to get employed in a certain profession. It is also believed that scientists also prefer English as the language of communication and interchange of thought. It may be true to a certain extent. While there is no need to say that it has already become the only preferred language in the field of business, commerce and corporate.