changes in ielts exam, recent IELTS change to computer based exam

changes in ielts exam, recent IELTS change to computer based exam

changes in ielts exam, recent IELTS change to computer based exam

10 Oct, 2019 03:54:46 PM

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There are some noticeable changes in the IELTS Exam.
Which are they? You should know them now.

The new IELTS is called CDT which stands for COMPUTER DELIVERED TEST.
There are no changes in the CONTENT of the CDT- Computer Delivered IELTS test.
All the four sections in Computer based/delivered test  will remain the same.
The timing will remain the same and so will the scoring.
The speaking section is not delivered on the computer in the CDT- New IELTS.

Old and New System.

The IELTS has now become an online test and computer-based. So, now you can write your paper on the computer. You do not have to use a paper-based system. But the paper-based test that is the old IELTS has not stopped. People who wish to go for the old type of test can still go-ahead for it.

You should be able to use a computer comfortably in terms that your ability to click, navigate, select, etc should quite up to the mark. In case, you are not comfortable doing this then the new computer bases system is not for you. And off course, you should be able to type your answers especially in the writing section.

Speaking module will still remain as face to face interview method and there is no change in it.

Now, you will write in a hall with cubicles where you have to sit on your computer to write the test and its not that crowded. 

The new IELTS has more test dates available and the results are delivered very quickly; approximately in week.

Fees for IELTS

The latest fees payment for IELTS is Rs/- 13,250- That is Thirteen Thousand, Two Hundred and Fifty Rupees in the Indian currency.
This fee is the same for both the tests – computer-based and the old paper-based.

How to pay IELTS fees?

You can pay the IELTS fees in the following ways.

  1. Pay IELTS fees by Credit Card- This is the fastest and easiest way to pay your IELTS fees.
  2. Pay IELTS fees by Debit Card- This mode of payment does not work well some times according to our experience.
  3. Pay IELTS fees by Demand Draft- This mode is very safe but works very slow. Your IELTS fees will be updated in 48 hrs.
  4. Deposit money in bank- This is also a good way to pay your IELTS fees.

The reading and listening of the IELTS remain the same as they were. The general module for IELTS is the difference in the academic and the general modules. The reading section of the general module of the IELTS consist of the daily life instruction modules, magazine articles, news, updates and advertisements which a common citizen abroad should be able to interpret and understand; the reason being that he/she should be able to move across the borders and inside the foreign country without any hindrance, difficulty or lapses in English communication.

In the listening, as usual, you can hear the answer once. But you type the test answers for listening directly into the tables, use drag and drop into charts, select multiple-choice, etc.

Unfortunately you don’t have the opportunity of transferring your answers in the last 10 minutes because you are not given those minutes in the listening anymore.

There is no extra time in between the sections in the listening module.

As you do not write on a paper, you cannot circle any keywords.

You have to scroll down a bit and be sure that many questions are there below.

The same is true for a student who lives and studies abroad. He/she should be able to study abroad comfortable and should be able to grasp classroom lesson in the college or university so that his studies and his communication with his/her faculty is smooth and trouble-free. For this purpose the IELTS reading module tests the ability of the students to read academic stuff. Thus the academic reading consists of the study material taken from different scholarly articles and books which the students are supposed to interpret and answer his questions.

The duration of the test is 2:45 minutes which remains the same.

The acceptance of IELTS is increasing while at the same time the acceptance of PTE and TOEFL is also at the go.

The result and the IELTS score descriptor will be sent to you in the same old fashion.