Why you should not go to Canada?

13 Nov, 2019 07:02:30 PM

You face problems after going to Canada!

Mostly you have been told why to go to Canada, but in this unusual post, Gill Sir will discuss with you why and who should not go to Canada.

Only to work there on a student visa...You should not go to Canada if you have decided that you will only work and not study if you have taken a student visa. This will only bulldoze your plans to study and settle in Canada. So as a student you should understand that you are not there to work 

Unable to do IELTS

Unable to do/complete IELTS...If you are someone who is unable to get the required bands in IELTS, I think you should drop the plan to go to Canada because settling in Canada without knowledge of both Spoken and Written English along with other skills of language will never give you a fruitful future in Canada. 

.. If you cannot struggle.....You should try to know whether you are able to struggle or not. If the answer is No, then just say a No to your plan to settle in Canada after your student visa. The prime reason behind it is that you cannot really manage to get a PR without fulfilling certain conditions. It''''s not an easy way out there in Canada. Does not struggle for PR?

Can't use the laundry.......

Gill Sir does not mean that you are going to wash clothes in Canada but we literally mean to say that you should be able to do your own work in Canada. The simple reason behind it is that you should be able to save money.

..You do not save money in Canada........

In case you are someone who does not have a habit to save money then you should not only drop your plan to Canada student visa but also to any other country. Because you cannot really save money for your survival abroad in a country like Canada unless you are a millionaire and your parents do not care. 

For studies in Canada,  not decided your field of interest.........

As a student, if you have not decided on your field of interest, you should not go to Canada on any random course. This will cause you more financial loss than you have ever thought and you will land nowhere.

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Abortion in Canada -

Abortion is a great issue in Canada. People who support abortion or want to get aborted sooner or later will face great issues if they have to take a decision related to abortion in a Canadian province. 

Hate Speech in Canada -

 It is not legal to use hate speech anywhere in the Canadian country. Unlike India, where you can speak anything anywhere and get away with it, Canada does not allow you to use hate speech for any groups, communities, traditions, or ethnicity. This is a great positive feature for people who want to escape the overall environment created by haters but for people who promote hatred in speech, it can be very dangerous to go against Canadian law. ( https://thecanadaguide.com/culture/social-issues/