The English Teacher – Movie

The English Teacher – Movie

12 May, 2019 04:21:11 PM

The movie does not seem to be that interesting. Just by looking at the trailer, it seems that it is a very boring or rather an annoying movie.

The actors don’t seem to be interesting and they don’t really seem to attract the audience. Though the theme seems to be quite good; the movie is not so catchy.

There is not much entertainment in the movie and it does not seem to pull up the a good image when it comes to create interest in the audience.

This movie looks dull and as we can say is very slow moving. We wonder how could some creates miss so many things that this movie, The English teacher affords to do.

Most of the audience reviews are very bad and they say that they expected comedy which they did not find in this movie.

So we can say only one thing, that money spent on the movie is not worth it and it is better to and watch another movie rather than The English Teacher and infact there are many better things to do in life than

a movie.

It is possible that a few people would have watched it because of Julia Moore but finally that isn’t a way out to the right kind of success for a movie. Julia Moore cannot hold the movie and the caste overall is said to be good one which also could not save the movie to fall at the box office.

As an English teacher, I find nothing about English in the movie. It is an English drama in English language but there is nothing to learn about English as we expect from the title- The English Teacher.