Tenses of English

The English language Tenses


What is the meaning of Tense? Do you know the meaning of tenses?

The meaning of Tense is "Time". And that is the exact function of the tenses to tell you the time.


Here is a video for your reference so that you can have a better idea.

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Mostly all languages have 3 three tenses- Present- Past - Future-

Then are further 4 subtypes of them.


Learn and understand the tenses of English which are very important to master. Progress with tenses and improve your English.

Know the basic tenses in English language and the 12 ways of writing them which are given below.


Practically these tenses are called simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous in the given order below of 1 to 4 in each.


Sentences of Present Tense

I work hard

I am working hard

I have worked hard

I have been working hard


Sentences of Past Tense

I worked

I was working

I had worked

I had been working



Sentences of Future Tense

I will work

I will be working

I will be have worked

I will have been working

It is very important to master these tenses to improve your English language.