How to Learn English - Gill Sir, (ahmedabad,maninagar)

14 Nov, 2019 11:58:02 AM

Reading is considered to be a very good exercise if you wish to learn English.

Asking questions is very important - both in your own language and in English. 

When you consider talking, it should be within reality with humans and not only with machines like a computer. 

If you go abroad, you get a lot of exposure and one should use that opportunity to speak in English with foreigners. 

Have a subscription to good channels on YOUTUBE.

So you want to learn English. And we will say that it is a very good idea but what have you planned for it? What are you going to do about it? What steps will you take is the question?

According to Gill Sir's teaching methodology we recommend that you have to understand a few facts about the English language before you find any substantial basis or have a powerful ground in English speaking skills.

Gill Sir recommends certain steps for your better English


To learn English, you have to understand that it is not a simple language like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Haryanvi, Marvadi, etc. It is a very award language and you have to accept its awkwardness.

If you want to learn thoroughly, you