Adjectives of English language.

13 Nov, 2019 05:01:50 PM

Important adjectives to learn and understand so that you may get better command over English.

A Defiant Homeless Q
Adorable Delightful Homely Quant
Adventurous Depressed Horrible R
Aggressive Determined Hungry Real
Agreeable Different Hurt Relieved
Alert Difficult I Repulsive
Alive Disgusted Ill Rich
Amused Distinct Important S
Angry Disturbed Impossible Scary
Annoyed Dizzy Inexpensive Selfish
Annoying Doubtful Innocent Shiny
Anxious Drab Inquisitive Shy
Arrogant Dull Itchy Silly
Ashamed E J Sleepy
Attractive Eager Jealous Smiling
Average Easy Jittery Smoggy
Awful Elated Jolly Sore
B Elegant Joyous Sparkling
Bad Embarrassed K Splendid
Beautiful Enchanting Kind Spotless
Better Encouraging L Stormy
Bewildered Energetic Lazy Strange
Black Enthusiastic Light Stupid
Bloody Envious Lively Successful
Blue Evil Lonely Super
Blue-eyed Excited Long T
Blushing Expensive Lovely Talented
Bored Exuberant Lucky Tame
Brainy F M Tender
Brave Fair Magificent Tense
Breakable Faithful Misty Terrible
Bright Famous Modern Tasty
Busy Fancy Motionless Thankful
C Fantastic Muddy Thoughtful
Calm Fierce Mushy Thoughtless
Careful Filthy Mysterious Tired
Cautious Fine N Tough
Charming Foolish Nasty Troubled
Cheerful Fragile Naughty U
Clean Frail Nervous Ugliest
Clear Frantic Nice Ugly
Clever Friendly Nutty Uninterested
Cloudy Frightened O Unsightly
Clumsy Funny Obedient Unusual
Colorful G Obnoxious Upset
Combative Gentle Odd Uptight
Comfortable Gifted Old-fashioned V
Concerned Glamorous Open Vast
Condemned Gleaming Outrageous Victorious
Confused Glorious Outstanding Vivacious
Cooperative Good P W
Courageous Gorgeous Panicky Wandering
Crazy Graceful Perfect Weary
Creepy Grieving Plain Wicked
Crowded Grotesque Pleasant Wide-eyed
Cruel Grumpy Poised Wild
Curious H Poor Witty
Cute Handsome Powerful Worrisome
D Happy Precious Worried
Dangerous Healthy Prickly Wrong
Dark Helpful Proud Z
Dead Helpless Puzzled Zany
Defeated Hilarious   Zealous