Problems in learning English

13 Nov, 2019 03:17:46 PM


Some of the problems in learning English when it is not your native language.

Here, we will list today a few problems that are faced by learners and teachers in the process of teaching and learning the English language.

1. English teachers are not qualified to teach the English language.

There are cases where you can see that English teachers are unqualified. This is a major problem across India and it is difficult to find a solution for it. Very few people understand the fact that English or whichever the subject, it is very difficult to find qualified teachers. So is the fate of English. There are very few teachers of English who are qualified and are working. Thus it is obvious that students do not get the advantage.

2. Improper Environment to learn English.

Many students complaint at our institute especially when they being learning English that they have never found an environment to learn English and that has impaired their English learning skills. And their complaint is not just an excuse; they are genuine to tell us that and at Gill Sir we are happy to help these students by providing a complete English Speaking environment.

3. Many students do not take their assignments and studies seriously.

This is a common problem all over, especially when it comes to developing cities like Ahmedabad that students never take their studies, not only in English but also in other subjects seriously. Because of this the final outcome is never positive. There is no doubt that the students who study well and concentrate make it in any class and anywhere while the lazy ones suffer in their learning of English and other subjects as well.

4. If the teacher will teach I will learn.

This is purely the attitude of the student there is no doubt that it will hamper studies badly. The student does not take much initiative with his/her English studies and is completely dependent on the teacher which leads to a gruesome situation.  The student is constantly waiting for the next English lesson while time flies away leading to more difficult situations in life and English studies too.

5. Using the mother tongue.

When the student does not stop using his/her mother tongue, it is difficult to teach him English and this is the problem on many students who never leave their mother tongue Gujarati or Hindi alone. They keep on speaking their own language and do not get time to focus on English leading to no learning at all situations.