tips On the day of IELTS Test

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Tips On the day of the IELTS test, Gill Sir, ManinagarWhat should we do (tips) on the day of the IELTS test? For the IELTS test you should carry your passport and that is very important to do. You may not get an entry in the test if you do not carry for passport on the test day. You should carry your confirmation email. You are given a confirmation email from the test taker of the IELTS- IDP OR British Council. You have to carry this to the test. If you do not carry it you may face problems convincing the superiors at the venue.  So, it should be kept in mind to carry this also along with you for the IELTS Test.PenilYou may carry your pencil, rubber and sharper. But these things are provided at the IELTS test venue so if you do not wish to carry them. It's perfectly fine. You may not take them with you.ListeningListening is the first test so remember that you are going to start it first and not otherwise and the sequence of the test is LRW. The first thing that is going to happen in the IELTS test is the Listening module. Reach early - students should try to reach for the IELTS test at least 30 minutes earlier so that it helps you to settle down and not waste time later on. If you reach late, you may face different problems. If you want to know more about IELTS, you can have free counseling at Gill Sir, Maninagar, Ahmedabad