17 Mar, 2022 09:35:33 PM

Nouns that are singular but seem to be plural.

Mathematics, physics, statics, news, ethics, linguistics, phonetics, politics, economics, statistics, measles, mumps, rickets, billiards, darts, droughts, innings, etc.

Nouns that are always singular

binoculars headphones sunglasses glasses scissors tweezers jeans pyjamas  tight knickers shorts trousers pants

Nouns that cannot be plural

Sheep,homework,music,money,cash,evidence, luggage, news,pants.

Nouns that have a plural verb

Cattle, people, police, gentry, peasantry, electorate, nobility,poultry, riches, odds, arms, fetters, pincers, tongs, sheers,binoculars, pliers, scissors, trousers, pants, trappings,pyjamas, briefs, tights, shoes, etc.