Planning to do MBBS in China - No need of IELTS - Gill Sir

14 Nov, 2019 12:04:06 PM

Planning to do MBBS in China - No need of IELTS - Gill Sir


Do you wish to have a career in life as a doctor and live a good and beautiful with great earning opportunity? Then China is the best place to do MBBS.
There some of the very attractive features for the course. Gill Sir has brought to you the basic information for MBBS in China.

6 years of colleges studies in China.
60 percent marks in PCB or NEET.
Apply via Gill Sir, Ahmedabad.
Guaranteed admission.

There is no need to think that there is any dispute between India and China and you will face any issues if you live while you study there. You will be able to successfully complete your studies and will not face any issues because of India and China border problem.


The real fact to be considered by the student is that China is extremely fast growing economy and offers MBBS studies at an affordable fees to Indian students and there is no need for us to fear about any such issues. Instead it''s going to be beneficial to students of India if they opt for a study visa in China.


Also China offers great education standard to aspiring doctors and a great career waits afterwards for them. The truth is that China offers great medical university standards, teachers who are well versed in their educational background. According to us, the cost of education is very low compared to other options available for MBBS.

Above all, you do not need to do the IELTS as it is not required for doing MBBS in China. You just need the basic level of English language to study here.

For more information on doing MBBS in China, contact Gill Sir Overseas and Education Pvt Ltd.