13 Nov, 2019 05:19:59 PM

This is one of the best movies, I have ever seen in my life. Without stating directly about visa agents and IELTS academies, this movie points them out with artistic comedy and flair. The whole plot is laid by Gurpreet Gugghi who runs an IELTS academy and dupes students with wrong commitments and lies.


The movie shows the condition of the parents and students who are involved in the process of IELTS.


The character of Danna Dakhad is fabulous with a Lathi (stick) " Tere Bebe Ka Zhandhu Balm". " Danna Dakhad from Harayana, Jaha Doodh- Dahi ka Khana." He introduces the IELTS institute at each step.


Nimmi portrays a very insincere teacher which we can find in real life.


The character of the mad man beautifully creates an irony.  His acting surpasses everyone in the movie.


The boy's (Jatt) father always gives wise advice to the family namely wife and son but they turn a deaf ear.


I recommend this movie to everybody who wishes to go abroad because it is very important to stay away from these kinds of fake agents who do not really wish to help you.


IELTS is a mandatory test but the sincerity of our students and the system is questionable today adding fuel to the fire is the academies that run only to take away the money from the poor students who struggle to go abroad.


Well, talking about this movie which is very funny. The roles played by Academy Director, Haryanvi Student and the Jatt young man are fabulous and give us much insight into the nature of the IELTS business.


Finally, the movie moves towards tragedy with deception by Jatt''s wife and ends happily with a sponsorship letter for Jatt.