Is PTE better or IELTS?

There are some similarities between IELTS and PTE. For example both are available in a computer-based format.

IELTS and PTE have both similar sections in Reading, Writing, and Listening. The difference is mainly in the speaking section unlike IELTS you do not have to speak in front of the examiner in the PTE. So, it's simple, you have to speak in front of a person in IELTS and in the PTE, you record your answers in a microphone.

Microphone will be used if you use the IELTS Online test but you will meet an examiner if you choose the IELTS paper-based; old model of the test.

One of the major similarities is between then Reading, Writing and Listening sections of IELTS and the PTE. But obviously the questions are not the same and are completely different in both IELTS and PTE.


Gill Sir and the team have taught both for some time and especially the IELTS for so many years now and we do not think any of them is good or bad in any way.

Both are equally good. In this video you will be able to see some fundamental difference between IELTS and PTE and how each of them can be applied in your visa filing process.

This is our opinion and as a student, you will get different points of view from different teachers and students about this test.


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