How Can You Improve English Skills

13 Nov, 2019 04:13:32 PM

English Skills

Some of the important methods to improve your English.

It is very important for you to improve English today. Do we need this to remind and make a point? No you already know that you have to improve your English Skills.

Some of the important techniques to improve your English skills are given by our Gill Sir team.

First of all you should be ready to make mistakes and should not be afraid to make a number of errors if you wish to improve your knack of over English.

You should also try to find an environment that is full of English which helps you to improve your skills of listening, reading and writing English.

  1. As a student of English, you should try to practice the skills every day without fail.
  2. Try to keep a note book that helps you track how are your skills in English.
  3. Find new words of English and keep a good hold over the ability of mastering English vocabulary.
  4. Watch English movies and keep track of English listening and conversation from it.
  5. Ask your vendor to drop you an English news paper daily so that you learn English reading skills.
  6. You should learn punctuation of English which is very important. Learn full stop, comma, inverted commas, etc
  7. You can record your own voice in English and listen to it. Find your mistakes and see whether you are able to speak well.
  8. Get a very good English dictionary. It will you in many ways to gain complete skills of reading, listening,