ielts or toefl easy

ielts or toefl

A common question raised constantly is this that which of the two ielts or toefl - is easier than the other

ielts or toefl

ielts or toefl or pte

But if we take the three all together to analyse then, which one is easier among the three? This is the common question which we get. And we have a clear cut answer to that.

None is very easy and none is so difficult. Yes, it is difficult to believe this but it is so true.

It varies from test to that what is our preparation and whether we have taken coaching or not. But it does not really matter which one will give me great marks or will give be a good result. Each test is different in its own way and there are differences that I should know before I go for the test. I have met number of people trying their luck with these tests and I tell you that it does not really matter which test you take - ielts or toefl or pte

The IELTS is a very important test as it is acceptable all around the world in different institutions and I can say that it is more acceptable and reliable in many ways. The TOEFL test is good and comparatively is a CBT or say computer based test and so is PTE  while the IELTS is a PBT that is a paper based test.