IELTS exam is very important and mandatory to study or work abroad in a foreign country. 

The first question that comes to our mind is - What is IELTS? We won't go into details like what is its full form and who conducts it? All these answers are mentioned everywhere and there are immense answers about IDP, Cambridge, and British Council. 

Generally, many people are told that IELTS is a very simple and easy test which is completely or partly true. Yes, it is easy but it is simple for people who have a great command of the English language already. While it proves too difficult for people who come from Hindi medium or Gujarati medium. Such people face a lot of trouble choosing IELTS Classes and they go around hunting for coaching material and teaching centers for IELTS. And many times these candidates get dissatisfactory results or even get cheated after joining IELTS  coaching; behind which there are various reasons which we will not discuss in this article.

IELTS tests your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skill in the test. Students perform in the test as per their ability and preparation and later they are awarded bands which are scores for their test performance.  These scores reflect their ability to interact and communicate in a non-native tongue - English with the native speakers, on the basis of which they get an opportunity to study, work or live abroad in an English-speaking country. 

Generally in Ahmedabad, these tests are arranged in hotels mostly 5 stars where IDP or British council book large halls and students are made to sit there and write their papers-

The first part is the listening part which consists of listening to native or non-native English English speakers whose conversation has to be heard and answers written into the question paper and then the answer sheet by the candidate. 

 they are supplied with the answer paper where they copy all their answers that they wrote into the question paper and continue reading the module wherein they start writing their answers for the reading questions into the answer sheet. And finally for the day they start with the writing module which consists of two tasks. Lets broadly lay out the format of the IELTS test below here;

Listening 50 mins time - copying answers into answer sheet - 10 mins

Reading 1 hour time -

Writing 1 hour time -

Speaking approx 7 -12 minutes (held on another day besides the written paper mentioned above)