Gill Sir Work Profile

14 Nov, 2019 12:39:48 PM

Gill Sir is one of the leading education institutes located

in Maninagar. Ahmedabad. Gill Sir is well-known for its coaching and training method in the Maninagar area and among the people of Ahmedabad. Gill Sir is also known for its contribution done in the field of coaching classes due to many reasons. We provide students with all the requirements for educating themselves. Our main branch is in Maninagar.

Gill Sir’s Spoken English Class.

Spoken English- Gill Sir provides you Spoken English Course at our branch in Maninagar, Ahmedabad. Gill Sir is a reputed Spoken English Class for learning English and is a hub for the teaching of the English language as it maintains the best English teaching and has extraordinary English faculty and English Speaking material. Gill Sir gives you a very good environment for learning the English language and provides you Spoken English best course in Maninagar, Ahmedabad.

Gill Sir’s IELTS Coaching.

IELTS- IELTS coaching is done best only at Gill Sir. IELTS coaching at Gill Sir is done is a very systematic and focused manner. Gill Sir takes the student step by step in understanding IELTS and its nuances. In our IELTS coaching classes we pay attention to all the modules of reading, writing, listening and speaking. Many of our IELTS students have received 7-8.5 bands in the IELTS exam. Gill Sir provides the best training for the IELTS in the whole city and Gill Sir gives you the assurance of best coaching and facilities for the IELTS training.


Gill Sir’s TOEFL Coaching Center.

TOEFL- Gill Sir offers you the best TOEFL training in Ahmedabad. Gill Sir’s TOEFL training is perfected in its online module and offers and very good TOEFL training schedule. Our TOEFL training is helpful to all the aspirants of the U.S.A and also offers quick TOEFL exam preparation.


Gill Sir’s GRE Coaching Classes.

GRE- Gill Sir provides methodical coaching for GRE and provides all the required notes and material for the GRE exam. Gill Sir carefully takes note of the ETS methods, rules and regulations, etc. Gill Sir offers the proper computer-based training for the GRE test and prepares you for the new GRE with all the required resources, materials and books.


Gill Sir’s M.B.A. Entrance preparation

M.B.A. Entrance – Gill Sir offers very special training for the M.B.A. entrance test and M.B.A. exams. We offer training for CAT, CMAT, MAT, GMAT and preparation for M.C.An entrance test. Gill Sir also offers classes for GMAT for the M.B.A. entrance and for admission in foreign universities.


CAT Coaching Class/Center-

Gill Sir supports the CAT students with its par excellence CAT coaching. Gill Sir realizes the fact that many students today aspire to go to the IIM’s and Gill Sir awakens them to the goal of the M.B.A and CAT as the mainstream method to realize the dream of M.B.A.


SAT Coaching-

Gill Sir provides you the best SAT coaching and equips the students with all the materials, books, CDs, etc for the SAT exam. Gill Sir is one of the best coaching institutes for the SAT exam preparation coaching.


CMAT Coaching Class- Gill Sir offers excellent coaching for CMAT and covers all the important parts of Verbal/English, Reasoning, Maths/Quant, etc for the CMAT. Gill Sir prepares the CMAT students for winning the competitive edge at the CMAT exam


Gill Sir’s Study Visa Services.

Study Visa Services- Gill Sir is also a hub for study visa services in Maninagar across Ahmedabad. Gujarat. Our study visa services offer free consultation to students and gives them a free study visa assessment. Gill Sir helps in admission and visa assistance for the countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Gill Sir helps students to get admission in foreign colleges and helps them obtain a study visa for the mentioned countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Inspired by developed expertise for visa assistance Gill Sir gives you an unfailing way to study abroad and increases your chances to settle in a foreign country.


Gill Sir offers help in Foreign Education

Admission in Foreign Colleges and Universities- Gill Sir provides you services for admission in foreign universities and colleges. The best part is that Gill Sir does not charge students for its study visa services and offers them visa assistance in an appropriate and exact manner.


Gill Sir’s Assistance in Study Abroad Programs.

Study Abroad Programs- Gill Sir offers you complete assistance and guidance in study abroad programs. Gill helps you in getting planned interviews; filing documents, study visa application, etc.

Gill Sir offers PR Assistance/Help for – Canada, USA, New Zealand, Australia and the UK. Gill Sir provides a clear cut and transparent process for the PR Visa process for the mentioned countries like Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, UK and Australia. Gill Sir supports the applicants throughout the process and helps in doing a perfect foolproof PR visa process.


Gill Sir’s Computer Training Academy.

Computer Course and Computer training- Gill Sir offers classes for basic computers, internet, Google, ms office, PowerPoint, Excel, PowerPoint, Tally, Windows, Linux, Software and Hardware training, preparation for computer exams, etc.

Computer Training Center- Gill Sir has a perfect computer training center for the students who want to get trained in computers and achieve their goal. Gill Sir believes that today there is a great need for computer literacy and due to this motto Gill Sir has started computer training centers.

Gill Sir’s Mira Tuition Classes.

Mira Tuition Class in Isanpur helps young students to develop their skills in various subjects in the fields of commerce and science. The Mira Tuition Class provides coaching to students from STD 1ST to 12th. Proper tuition and guidance is done under the supervision of Poonam Madam. Poonam Madam takes care of all the activities pertaining to the teaching of students of Mira Tuition Class. The Mira Tuition Class is offering expert classes for the student up to STD 10th. English, Social Studies, Maths and Science are given due attention at Mira Tuition Class at its Isanpur branch.


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