18 Jun, 2019 02:31:30 PM

Online IELTS Classes 

Another essay on dream house which is again not more than 5.5 bands of IELTS test.

Everyone has a dream of purchasing his own house. I had seen various houses in which each house
has something special in it. Now I would like to describe my dream house which I will make or buy
in the near future.

According to me, my dream house would be like around a big bungalow which had a small garden
behind the house, on the left-hand side of the front door will be the swimming pool as well as the chairs
for the personal talks and family Dinner and finally there should be hidden underground parking which
are online know and opened by the family members. Now, I would like to discuss about the interior
rooms as well as the decoration of the house from inside. First, there should be a huge hall with a huge
television, then each family member should have an individual room and each room consist of separate
bathroom, T.V., Double bed and some other necessary things.There should be a big terrace where
family can enjoy various festivals like Uttarayan as well as there should be solar panels which provide
electricity to the house and finally there should a telescope through which people can enjoy the view of
the wonderful universe, stars, planets, as well as satellites.
Second, I will make this house should be made by my own money not by loan or the money landed to
me by my relatives. Each family member, as well as relatives, are allowed to come at any time and all are
welcomed by the huge staff of servants. Finally, when they leave the house they will get some gifts every
I would like so that this will be my dream house and each rooms consist of windows which provide
enough amount of light that there should not be any need for artificial lamps. One last thing my house
should be near to the beach so that whenever someone goes the window, he will feel the huge amount of