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13 Nov, 2019 02:34:19 PM

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My Dream - Essay Sample 4.5 bands.

This essay sample is only 4.5 bands which is written by a student.


I have a lot of dreams like to become a successful entrepreneur, cricketer, good speaker, swimmer, and more other things. But my favorite dream is to become a successful entrepreneur it is my dream because I love creativity, innovation, invention. I am a very unique person so I deserve a unique dream like this.

I am studying in India''s First Start-up University Swarrnim start-up and innovation university. It provides add on start-up degrees of Entrepreneurship and my dream is to become a successful entrepreneur so I have my dream product a mid-air Switch magnetic lamp. It is a very unique and very attractive product. And it is an invention not innovation and it is my dream product.

2 years back Netherland launch a magnetic lamp but it is not working on a magnet it is works on the very simple method but they show it is operated using a magnet and that product nowadays available in amazon and more other online shopping sites this product price is 66 US $ in Indian currency 4000/-RS.

It is very costly because in India middle class and upper-middle-class populations are very high. And it is very costly for their. They think why I am spend 4,000/-RS for lamp and I am also thinking about this. I am thinking about this product at every day in my free time and one day I was thinking and do commitment with myself I can do this than I was starting to make a prototype of this product in low cost and one day I am a success and that day I am very happy. Because I was make this product in only 900/-RS so it is very helpful for middle class and upper middle class population. and my product is very different compare to Netherland''s hence lamp. I am using different technology in the lamp and which is never used before so it is an invention.

I am using magnetic sensor REED SWITCH SENSORE it is used in laptop but I am using this sensor in the lamp and I provide digital clock as well as turbo power mobile charger in the lamp and in this product lamp''s switch in mid-air without any support and it is the main attraction of the product. And it is made in Indian product. This product provides good quality at a low price and this product launch in India keep in mind of the middle class and upper-middle-class population.