English Speaking FAQS

English Speaking/Spoken English FAQSKnow about some of the important English Speaking FAQS of the English language. Gill Sir will give you all the possible answers to the English Speaking FAQS of English in this post. How can I learn English? You can learn English on your own or by joining a good class or with a good English teacher. This is one of the most important FAQs of English and the first one. Is English really difficult? No. It's not true.This is one of the most confusing FAQs and usually misaddressed by many.Do we need to know grammar? Yes, somewhat.FAQ on grammar are much more in number than given here. Is it compulsory to join Spoken English Course? No. Very few people ask them FAQs about English to people. Why did my friend learn English faster? Yes, it happens in certain cases. Not all.FAQ on why others learn fast and not us is a very common thing. I have studied from Gujarati Medium, can I learn? Yes. 100%Gujarati medium students ask this FAQ about English very commonly. My age is 40, can I learn English? Yes, there is no age for learning, and attitude matters. Age should be a no-bar FAQ in English. I get bored very easily, can I learn? Sorry, you first have to learn not to get bored and then learn anything else; English not excluded. I tried but I failed in learning English, what should I do? It happens. But it is not a final failure. Change your attitude and you will learn English. This is a very common problem and a major FAQ of English.FAQs on English Speaking Course/Spoken English from www.gillsir.com