English Language

English Language

English has become a world language due to various reasons.

There are multiple reasons behind the phenomenon and they are justifiable. English was made to or kept on gaining importance; both the facts seem to be true equality.

It is not a story of a single day but it is a process that made English a world language.

Is there politics and power involved in it? Hundred percent, there is a complete background of Politics and Power behind English being pushed as a world language.

The whole story beings when the British started to rule the whole world and it was said that the sun never sets in the British Empire and indeed that was so. The Britishers ruled the whole earth at a point of time and if there was a night in one part of the British Empire, there was morning in the other part of it.

In such circumstances and due to various reasons British language was supposed to be the world language.

The first need was to communicate. The officers and the locals could only communicate through English as there was no other medium and source for the British and they were rare that they adopted to the local language but in turn they wanted the locals to adapt to their mother tongue.

The second was their need to dominate the world which was their focus and the English language was the best source to impress in the minds of the people that English be adopted and supersedes leaving a psychological impact on the minds of the dominated race.

So, the English consciously decided to force or help the states with English where ever they dictated.

Now, in the process what happened? English which was supposed to dominate started adopting the languages of the places they ruled. Today, English has Arabic, Hindi, German, Celtic words in its vocabulary and the reason is the adoption of foreign language that happened as a part of the give and take that happened between Britishers and the oppressed.

So, today we see a completely new form of English and this can be realized only by people who have read and understood the old English a little bit.

English is the language of science and technology

It is a well-known fact that English is a global language and is used worldwide. There is less focus on a little known fact among Indians that English is widely also the language of the Science subject. And gill sir will have a wider look at this. One important fact is that English is the language of many scientific papers submitted across the world. Most of the articles in science are submitted English according to the website of Harrow House. Today many of the professional courses are done with the basic knowledge of the English language. Another supporting fact is the constant growing importance of IELTS in most of the visa applications. In other words, English is becoming very important to get employed in a certain profession. It is also believed that scientists also prefer English as the language of communication and interchange of thought. It may be true to a certain extent. While there is no need to say that it has already become the only preferred language in the field of business, commerce and corporate.

English in Technology.

When a nation publishes its national or international journal which is technological or scientific, it is in the English language. The reason behind it is a need for universal language as there is a great need to have a common medium of exchange of ideas. Finally when there is a need for research which involves scientists from across the world, English is the most recommend language in that case. So, we can understand the great need for English in the field of Science and also technology.

Facts of the English language.

Facts of the English language there are some facts about the English language which often go unnoticed many times. Usually, we do not pay attention to them because really we never think that it is required. Anyway, today we will give you a small list of information which will be a little not much use to you. We do not pay heed to these facts unless we come across such ideas. So here are some small facts about English LanguageNew Words-A new word is added to English Dictionary in every two hours. So just imagine in what speed the English language is growing. Time-The word time is the most commonly used word of the English language. Rhythm-This word of English does not have any vowel and its also considered to the longest word that does not have vowel. I am-In the English language, I am is considered to be the shortest sentence. It has only two words- I and am. Did-This word does not exist in the English language but was printed in the dictionary by mistake. It does not have any meaning and does not exist in English.I-It is the shortest word and is the most used word in English. It is also a letter and word in EnglishJoin Gill Sir in Maninagar to learn English   www.gillsir.com We also provide IELTS/TOEFL/PTE  Coaching in Maninagar, Ahmedabad

Unusual facts about the English language 

E is the most used letter in English-We surely never discussed that E is the most used word in English. WOW![caption id="" align="align none" width="146"]ghost words in English Ghost Words[/caption]Ghost WordsWe can call some words - Ghost ...ooooohWhy do we call them ghost words? These words are Ghost words because they are used many times by many people but they do not actually have any meaning.AnagramsIf you rearrange letters in a word you get new word and that is an Anagram.customers" = "store scum""forty five" = "over fifty""restful" = "fluster"Vowel Is it possible to build words without vowel. Yes, it is possible. One such long word rhythm which does not have a vowel.ambigram in englishAmbigrams.There are words in a language that you can see upside down in water and they not change. One such word is SWIMS. Script The script of the English language is not original. The language uses the script of the Latin language. Most of the languages have their own script but not English. Like English, other languages also use the Latin script.