Do IELTS or English Class?

Do IELTS or English Class?

30 Sep, 2019 01:16:25 PM

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It is a known fact that today, IELTS is acceptable in more than 140 countries across the world for immigration, study and work.

Different people have different reasons to choose IELTS. And it is not out of attraction that one should so and

It is no reason that – “My friend or neighbor is doing IELTS.”

In this article, our focus is not why should do IELTS and to convince people to do IELTS or else come to gill sir’s Coaching Class but to

Make many people aware about who are the people who can/should do IELTS?

IELTS is chosen by people who want to go abroad. – to do IELTS or not?

IELTS is taken by people who want to go abroad and only people who have determined that it is mandatory for their visa application. Otherwise it is not required.

We have found that many people who do not require IELTS come down have a feeling that they should take the IELTS. But it should be understood that IELTS is an exam

And should be taken only if you want a visa which asks for this kind of mandate. It should never be seen as a substitute for a Spoken English or advanced English course.

Is IELTS for people who just want to improve their English? Do IELTS?

So, many people have found this idea on their own or through misguidance by someone else, that doing an IELTS Coaching will help them improve their English. But this is not the truth and this idea

Is wrongly born in the minds of the people. The only thing to be done is to get rid of this idea as early as possible because people only lose their money and time

To find that IELTS coaching and exam are not helpful to them and not meant to improve their English. We have seen many Gujarati, Punjabi and Tamil people who

Have failed to improve their English and also were not benefitted by doing and IELTS Class.

Test of four modules and why are they tested? Doing the modules.

The preparation for IELTS is meant to master 4 modules of reading, writing, speaking and listening. While it is different for the people who want to master English alone for

Their interview, daily job routine, business opportunity or regular studies. A person who wants to live in India and wants to just master the English language does not require


The four modules are tested in the IELTS because the people who are going to study, work or live abroad should be able to communicate with the people abroad in their language

Without any obstruction. This brings many people to the reasoning that “if I do IELTS, I will be able to communicate better with people in India and abroad”. But in this reasoning they

Forget an important step that they do not know English at all or they have not the required acquaintance with the English language. And that means that IELTS is not meant to improve your English but to test your English.

\\So, you can make this your mantra and remember it – IELTS is not meant to improve your English but to test your English.

The two kinds of IELTS – GENERAL AND ACADEMIC. Which module to do?

Once you are clear that you should do IELTS or not, you are ready for the next step.

The two kinds of IELTS are General and Academic which are meant for the migration and study respectively. And there is much difference in the reading module and a little difference in the writing module where

Only letter writing is replaced in the later on in place of graph.