Discussion with Shri Gopal Sutaria

Gopal Sutaria

This is a unique discussion with Shri Gopal Bhai Sutaria about his venture in the field of education. Gopal Sutaria needs no introduction in the field of Gir Cow Farming and Agriculture in Ahmedabad. He owns a vast Gaushala at Sanathal Chokwdi in Ahmedabad. Gujarat. Gopal Sutaria, in this interview, talks about his experiences and shares his views about studies and education with Mr. S.S. Gill - founder of Gill Sir, Ahmedabad. This is a very interesting discussion between two people for the one who wants to get a proper insight into today's education system, pedagogy, and philosophy. 

Gopal Sutaria runs one of the best Gurukuls in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. India.  For more information about his Gurukul